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Temperature-controlled cargo deliveries (REF)

Temperature-controlled cargo deliveries are used for the transportation of food products, medication, cosmetics, chemicals, as well as plants and it's seedlings.

Delivery is performed in vehicles with isothermal cargo compartments equipped with a temperature control device - a refrigerator.
Temperature modes during transport are usually between - 18 C ° and +15 C °, depending on the type of load.

Below are some temperature regimes for food:

  • Frozen meat, seafood and partially processed products, frozen cakes, dough, yeast, margarine, ice cream, frozen vegetables: - 18 ° C;
  • Chilled meat, seafood: - 5 C °;
  • Chinese cabbage: - 3 C ° to + 3;
  • Mushrooms: 0 ° to + 2 ° C;
  • Dairy products: + 2 C ° to + 4 C °;
  • Beer: + 5 ° C to +12;
  • Various fruits and vegetables, which can be from +1 C ° to + 15 C ° ;
  • Medication: + 2C ° to + 6C °.

In order for the cargo to be transported successfully at a certain temperature, it is important to pack the cargo to be transported correctly and place it in the cargo compartment correctly. By choosing the services of SIA IMG Logistics, your cargo transportation with temperature control will be done in the most professional and high-quality way - it will be taken care of by our team of highly qualified employees.

Cargo delivery with temperature control is provided by loading the goods directly from the customer's warehouse or using our terminal. We also consolidate cargo not only from Latvia, but also from Estonia and Lithuania. Cargo loading, as well as deliveries in the Scandinavian countries are carried out using transport units of various sizes, equipped with a wide range of functionality (forklift - manipulator).

We provide transport services from anywhere in the Baltic States, as long as it is possible to arrive by a vehicle with appropriate capacity.

We provide the necessary documents for all cargo transportation:

  • Customs brokerage services
  • Execution of import, export and transit declarations
  • Calculation and clearance of import duties

Freight transport with temperature control Baltics - Scandinavia.

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How we work

How we work
  • We work without holidays;
  • Our own fleet of 35 trucks;
  • Cargo handling terminal in Riga, Latvia;
  • 6 trucks are assembled and sent out every day;
  • We provide regular part load cargo deliveries from the Baltics to Scandinavia, Finland and vice versa;
  • We take care of all customs formalities.