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We provide road transport services

While there are many ways to transport cargo, we provide the service you are most interested in – road transport. The reason we are so confident is that road transport is the most highly used logistics solution in the world. We provide all the main road transport solution types.

Road transport is the most convenient solution for consolidated cargo

IMG Logistics specializes in consolidated cargo shipments, and road transport is the most convenient way to ship this type of cargo. It is fast, because loading trucks is quicker than loading ships. It is affordable, because it costs less than transporting goods via air. It is convenient, because road transport can deliver your cargo to places unreachable by rail.

How we work

How we work
  • 365 days a year
  • A fleet of 80 cargo trucks
  • Cargo handling terminal in Riga, Latvia
  • Daily cargo shipments to the biggest cities in Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • Guaranteed regular LTL shipments between the Baltics and Scandinavia and Finland
  • Liftgate truck deliveries
  • Customs clearance handling