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  • Less-than-truckload deliveries (LTL)
  • Full load deliveries (FTL)
  • Express deliveries
  • Deliveries with fixed unloading time
  • Temperature-controlled deliveries
  • ADR (dangerous cargo) deliveries
  • Liftgate truck deliveries

Regions and delivery time

City or region Delivery term / days
Oslo region 1-2
Fredrikstad 2
Stavanger, Sandnes 2-3
Other regions 1-5
Sandefjord 2
Kristiansand 2
Haugesund 2-3
Bergen 2-3
Maloy, Floro, Forde 2-3
Alesund, Kristiansund 2-3
Lilllehammer, Hamar, Elverum 2
Roros, Trondheim 2-3
Mo i Rana 3-4
Bodo, Fauske 3-5
Narvik, Lofoten, Tromso, Finnsnes 3-5
Alta, Karasjok, Vadso 3-5
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