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Full truck deliveries - transport services for customers who need large-scale cargo transportation. Such shipments are usually used by manufacturers with large scale production cycle. 

In this type of deliveries usually one customer cargo is delivered with one transport unit. In full truck deliveries we provide cargo loading not only from our terminal, but also directly from the customer's warehouses.

In Scandinavian countries we provide deliveries to almost any place where large scale truck can reach.

For distribution purposes, we are arranging unloading at our partner terminals, from where is planned further deliveries directly to the receivers of the goods. Deliveries are made with transport units of various sizes and functionalities, such as forklifts and manipulators (to reach places where large truck can't go). 

We provide the necessary documents for all cargo transportation:

  • Customs brokerage services
  • Execution of import, export and transit declarations
  • Calculation and clearance of import duties

Fukl truck deliveries Baltics - Scandinavia.


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How we work

How we work
  • We work without holidays;
  • Our own fleet of 35 trucks;
  • Cargo handling terminal in Riga, Latvia;
  • 6 trucks are assembled and sent out every day;
  • We provide regular part load cargo deliveries from the Baltics to Scandinavia, Finland and vice versa;
  • We take care of all customs formalities.